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We are an International Insurance Agency with support from one of the most far-reaching Brokers International, Suprainvest Market; which together we offer a variety of products providing individual and corporate global protection, according to the need of our customers.

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International health

We offer products with global coverage to cover medical expenses and health problems, we have plans for both individual and corporate. Our commitment to you, your customers and protect our customers is around the world with major medical coverage possible through our plans and business partners. Variety of plans with insured amounts from $ 1,000,000 to unlimited, adapted to the physical location within the limits of the possibilities of our customers.

International life

Life insurance is a decision that is defined by an essential aspect of ensuring the future of the family and its heritage protection of our customers, we can design the product for different specific purposes and at the same time serve as a savings for the duration of the policy.

Personal accidents

We suggest our customers the impact on medical expenses to an unexpected accident, we offer protection against accidental death or permanent disability Total due to accidental events, providing additional compensation benefits for their families. We offer insurance sums insured from $ 250,000 to $ 1,500,000.

Investment Fund

An extract products for specific clients with interests for savings plans and investment plans scheduled with single premium or premium regulated where the insured enjoy various benefits during the contract period.
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